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Monday, January 08, 2007

Bottle of Beer Pays for Camper for Second Honeymoon

You should never under estimate the value of a good beer. After reading this report out of the United Kingdom, I'm tempted to put together a mixed six pack of some of the holiday beers I have in the fridge and try to trade up for a trip to next summer's Great British Beer Festival.

Pete Genders, 28-years-old from Lincoln, England, took a bottle of Lincoln GRAle -- worth around $5.25 -- and during a series of trades turned it into a camper van to take his wife on a second honeymoon. Genders started his trading exercise five months ago and in just five trades managed to land the red VW Campervan worth $2,900.

Genders swapped the Lincoln GrALE beer for a day as a local newspaper editor, trading that for a day as the co-host of a local radio show. He exchanged that tickets to a concert by The Zutons, which he exchanged for a Citroen sedan said to be worth just under $1,000. He then exchanged that set of keys for the keys to the VW Campervan.

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