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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ohio City Wants Drink Tax

The push to use so-called sin taxes to balance municipal budgets appears to be picking up steam in a number of places around the country. The city of Kent, Ohio, is the latest to take steps to tax alcohol by the drink in taverns and restaurants.

Kent officials are asking state representatives to propose legislation that would allow local municipalities to impose taxes on drinks sold on-premise. Revenue from the tax would be earmarked to fund police and fire departments. Obviously, someone has taken a poll that shows homeowners have had enough of property tax hikes and the idea of a consumption tax that targets drinkers scored well.

Kent State University calls Kent home and there are 42 bars within the city limits. City officials have not disclosed how much the tax would be on each drink or how much they hope to collect. The Kent Licensed Beverage Association has come out against the proposal.

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