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Friday, February 09, 2007

NASCAR Fans and Wine

It might not appear that way at the track on an average Sunday as you watch cars painted like rolling billboards for Miller Lite, Budweiser, Coors Light, Crown Royal, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and other brands flash by, but a study release this week by the Nielson Co. shows wine consumption among NASCAR fans nationwide shot up 22 percent in 2006.

Before you start to think fans in the infield at the Daytona 500 later this month will be sipping $50 bottles of California zinfandel, keep in mind that the growth is on a fairly small base total. The annual average wine purchases by NASCAR fans went from $66.80 in 2005 to $81.40 last year.

The study backed up the perception of NASCAR fans bleeding red, white and blue. Almost 70 percent of all of their wine purchases are domestic labels. Approximately 75 million Americans identify themselves as NASCAR fans and those fans are sought after by brand marketers because of an intense level of loyalty to the sport's sponsors.

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