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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cathedral City Considers Alcohol Ban at City Events

No one at city hall can remember any problems related to alcohol at public events, but Cathedral City, Calif., officials say they are going to consider a measure to ban drinking at city sponsored events.

City officials say they worry about children seeing adults drinking alcohol at summer festivals and at the annual Chistmas Tree lighting ceremony. Some businesses say the ban could hurt attendance, while others say the ban would make for more family friendly events.

Current laws do not prohibit consumption of alcohol by adults at public events in Cathedral City.

While no one is exactly sure where the measure came from or why it is needed, comments from politicians in the local media make it sound likely the bill will be passed. It is just the sort of measure that works in the opposite direction of its intent. If there are no problems currently with alcohol consuming adults at public events, it would appear that children and new legal age drinkers are actually getting exposed to responsible adults consuming alcohol in moderation. That should be the exact message we want our young people to receive. It looks like Cathedral City would like to hide that lesson behind closed doors.

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