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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alabama Town Waits for Draught Taps to Flow

If you are lucky enough to live in a place with a great multi-tap bar, like the Flying Saucer, Mahar's, Falling Rock Tap House or the Blue Tusk (see "100 Places to Have a Beer Before You Die") it might be difficult to imagine, but beer drinkers in Florence, Ala., are crossing their fingers that Gov. Bob Riley signs a bill so they can get draught beer.

Even after the Governor signs bill 915, which was passed by the Alabama House and Senate, it still must go back to the Florence City Council for final approval. That's where the process of bringing draught beer to the Alabama Shoals began more than two years ago. It should sail through that group, because they unanimously approved the bill that went to the state for approval to start the entire process.

Once the bill finally becomes law it will still take some time before draught beer is flowing at every bar. Some bars have already installed lines and will be ready to roll in kegs. Others are reviewing the costs associated with refrigeration, storage space and running lines to tapes. Distributors must also train staff and add vehicles to handle kegs.

After hearing the plight of Florence beer lovers, I'm going to have a cold draught this evening and raise a toast to the thirsty in Alabama.

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