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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cider Sales Soar in the U.K.

Thanks to ads promoting cider poured over ice as the drink to enjoy at home, cider sales in Great Britain are up 29 percent during the last year.

Magners, an Irish brand, started a heavy ad campaign for cider about a year ago and was soon joined by other brands, pushing sales for home consumption to $897.3 million. This total now surpasses bitter and ale sales, which came in at $885.4 million.

U.K. consumers drink more wine than anything else at home -- $10.5 billion worth, followed by lager beer, $5.55 billion, then whisky at $1.46 billion and vodka at $1.33 billion. Champagne, at 633.8 million, falls in behind cider and bitter/ale.

1 comment:

Stonch said...

Magners is rancid stuff, not much better than the other poor quality ciders foisted upon us over the years such as Strongbow. It's success among the less discerning - a large part of the population, it would seem - is baffling and terrifying in equal measure. One good side effect - real cider (i.e. live cider made from apples as opposed to concentrate) is more widely available in British pubs, due to a coat tail effect.