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Monday, June 11, 2007

Higher Education I: Dutch Students Develop Alcohol Powder

The Dutch are known as fairly liberal on many social issues. Students are seldom known to shy away from anything to do with drinking. Combine the two and a little entrepreneurial energy and you have Booz2Go.

Students at Helicon Vocational Institute have created a powder that they claim when mixed with water creates a bubbly, lime flavored green liquid that is 3 percent alcohol by volume. Here's the real kick: the product can legally be sold to minors in many places because it is not in liquid form, including in Holland where you have to be the ripe old age of 16 to buy a drink.

Booz2Go, sold in 20-gram packets, will retail at around $2. The students have been contacted by several companies who are interested in the product because it may avoid taxes that are piled on liquid alcohol beverages.

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