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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Night Live Legend Aykroyd to Build Ontario Winery

Last year comedic actor Dan Aykroyd announced his name would appear on some selected bottles of Ontario ice wine. Now the former Saturday Night Live and Blues Brother star is going beyond the label and into the winery business.

Aykroyd, 54, is a partner with Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits of Toronto in building the Dan Aykroyd Winery in Lincoln. The $11.2 million winery will include a 125-seat restaurant and a tasting room.

Aykroyd movie memorabilia will be displayed at the winery. Aykroyd invested $1 million in Diamond Estates in 2005, the company that is also turning out his wine line.

Diamond Estate estimates the winery could attract 40,000 visitors annually. The Grape Growers of Ontario said the news about Aykroyd's winery is already helping to get additional attention for Ontario wines. The winery is expected to open in 2008.