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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tuesday Tasting: Parker's Heritage Collection Bourbon

Tuesday Tasting is a regular feature of Lyke2Drink that explores some of the best beers, wines and spirits on the market. This week we head to Kentucky to try a new limited release Bourbon.

Heaven Hill Distilleries makes some of the most interesting whiskeys on the market, with the likes of Elijah Craig Bourbon, Rittenhouse Rye and Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey coming from the company. That's why when the sample of Parker's Heritage Collection cask-strength Bourbon arrived at Lyke2Drink it was greeted with much anticipation.

This is the first edition of Parker's Heritage Collection, which pays tribute to 6th generation Master Distiller Parker Beam. The whiskey is the first in a series and Parker Beam persoanally picked the Bourbon from Heaven Hill's 49 rickhouses. A total of just 68 barrels were selected for the first edition. The 6,400 bottles will reach retail during September and October and have an $80 price tag.

This is the first barrel strength Bourbon from Heaven Hill and the sample I had was an impressive 122.6 proof. The whiskey had a huge amount of vanilla in the nose, which did not show itself much in the flavor profile. Instead, a rich and heavily wooded tone took over. The Bourbon had a long, smooth finish with very slight hints of nut. This is a Bourbon fan's delight.


Anonymous said...

I tried a bottle of Parker's this
past weekend, and there is no possible mixture of aging, aromatics,
bold distinctive flavor imaginable.
This was the most pleasurable bourbon
experience in my sipping history

Anonymous said...

The Parker's Heritage Bourbon I shared with an old friend this past weekend,I found to be of unmatched
quality. I have heartily recommended it to many of my Bourbon drinking pals.The aromatics, flavor and blissfully unintentional intoxication we found to be quite exceptional. My
past experience in fine Bourbons now has a new benchmark, kudo's to Parker's

USS225 said...

Parker's Heritage Bourbon is the most unique whiskey I have ever tasted. It is a subtle explosion of just about every pleasurable flavor one would expect, and some you might not, from an exquisite bourbon. Each sip is different and presents differing combinations of flavors. I generally am not a fan of the higher proof offerings but Parker's Heritage is the exception. I at first balked at the $80 price at my local retailer, but purchased it anyway because Heaven Hill and particularly the Evan Williams line are my favorite. After tasting this joy, I hurried back to the store to purchase the two remaining bottles in their allocation. The closest bourbon comparison I can give would be Booker's, a fine bourbon, but in whiskey and real life geneology, it is a distant cousin to Parker's Heritage. Fine job, and thank you Parker Beam.