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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Real Political Test: Who Would You Rather Have a Beer With?

Iowa Caucuses? Old news. New Hampshire and South Carolina Primaries? Do you really want people from those two states deciding the leader of the free world?

It's time for beer drinkers to voice an opinion in really the only true measure of what counts. Which of the presidential candidates would you rather have a beer with in 2008? The pint poll is the brainchild of the good folks at the National Beer Wholesalers Association. It is better than any motor voter law being administered by your state DMV.

Right now Barack Obama is leading all candidates with 27 percent of the votes cast. The next four highest vote totals go to Republicans: Ron Paul is second with 15 percent, followed by John McCain at 11 percent and a tie between Fred Thompson and Rudolph Giuliani at 8 percent. On the Democratic side, John Edwards has 7 percent and Hillary Clinton comes in at 6 percent.

Should we put our trust in America's beer drinkers to select our next president? Given the results from the last several ballots I say drink up!

Go to http://www.whodoyouwanttohaveabeerwith.com/ to cast your vote.

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