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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baptism by Beer? Not Quite

Salisbury Cathedral is one of Europe's most impressive churches and is celebrating its 750th anniversary this year. I can still remember being double awestruck as a college student in England on the day that I visited both the cathedral and Stonehenge within a couple of hours. I recall being able to locate a traditional pub for a pint of bitter that afternoon to consider the determination and engineerings skills of both the ancient pagans and Christians that erected these amazing monuments just a few miles apart centuries ago.

Now comes word from Salisbury that Wadworth Brewery came to the rescue for Easter Sunday to help the church overcome an issue created by an archaeological dig at the cathedral. The cathedral's font, used for Baptisms could not be used during the work, so the Archdeacon of Wiltshire asked the brewery if it might be able to help.

Wadworth loaned the church a copper vessel that was once used to dissolve sugar during the brewing process as a makeshift font for Baptisms on Easter.

The chancellor of the cathedral, Canon Edward Probert is quoted in media reports as saying: "We are extremely grateful to Wadworth for coming to our rescue and at such short notice. I have to say that this is one of the most unusual vessels the cathedral has used as a font."

As the beer festival t-shirts say: "Beer is proof that God loves us." I guess this was a case of beer loving God back.

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