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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Keg Fraud? Hang'em High!

There are few things we can count on in life. Getting the beer we order served to us should be a sure thing, but in Greensboro, N.C., authorities are alleging keg fraud.

According to the Greensboro News Record, two bar owners have been charged with substituting lower priced beer and misleading customers about what they were being served. David Edward Essa and Robert Christopher Martin were charged with three felony counts of obtaining money by false pretenses. The North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) Division investigated the University General Store, Spring Garden Bar and Pizzeria, and Westerwood Tavern after tips came in that labels on beer kegs were being switched.

According to ALE, analysis of samples taken at each location appears to show that the retail locations owned by Essa and Martin were selling lower priced suds and duping customers. ALE alleges that Busch Light was being sold as Bud Light and Keystone Light was being served up as Coors Light.

If the charges are proven, hopefully heavy fines will be put in place to send a message to retailers that consumers should get what they pay for when they order a beer. In the meantime, customers frequenting any of these fine establishments might want to think about ordering beer in a bottle.

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