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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

London Bans Booze on the Tube, France Outlaws Happy Hours and Alberta Parks Go Dry

Prohibition tendencies are not a uniquely American phenomenon. Three cases in point:

London Mayor Boris Johnson has decided to issue last call for riders of the Underground. Starting June 1, open containers are banned on the tube in the United Kingdom capital. While having a drink on the subway may not sound all that appealing, some London residents plan to mark the passing of the right by holding Underground parties on May 31. On Facebook some are organizing parties on the Circle Line trains before the ban hits, others plan to organize drink-in protests after the ban.

Meanwhile in France, the government plans to outlaw happy hours as a way to put an end to binge drinking. Proposals are also floating around that would ban bottle service in clubs and raise taxes on higher alcohol beer.

In Canada, Alberta Parks is considering banning alcohol at its facilities near Calgary. They say drunken rowdies are damaging park facilities and leaving trash behind.

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