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Friday, May 09, 2008

North Carolina Votes: One Wet, One Dry, One Thinking

The voting Tuesday in North Carolina got plenty of attention around the country, but two important votes on ending Prohibition received just minor coverage.

In Indian Trail voters approved the sale of beer and wine at restaurants, hotels and motels. It was a landslide, with 66.3 percent of voters approving of beer sales and 64.1 percent pulling the yes lever for wine.

Indian Trail Citizens for Progress supported the measure saying it would bring business to the town and cut down on the need for people to drive outside of Union County to have a drink with dinner.

In Denton, nine questions concerning the sale of alcohol in the community were voted down. The proposals ranged from allowing beer or wine sales on-premise to bringing an ABC store to the community. A little more than 500 people voted, with about 60 percent voting against each option. Members of the Bethel Baptist Church and a group called Citizens for a Drug and Alcohol Free Denton worked to defeat the proposals.

It was the fifth time in 18 years that proposals to end Prohibition in Denton have been defeated.

Meanwhile, a third North Carolina community, Taylorsville, may soon get the chance to vote in a referendum to allow on-premise mixed drink and beer sales. Taylorsville already allows off-premise beer and wine sales at grocery stores. The community has an ABC store.

Taylorsville is located in Alexander County, which is dry. There is a movement picking up steam in the county to have a vote to allow off-premise beer and wine sales.

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