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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Greenville, Texas, to Vote on Ending Prohibition

People who want to buy beer or wine in a store in Greenville, Texas, may soon get to have their say in a special election.

Hunt County officials expect to receive petitions Monday that would call for a vote on off-premise alcohol sales in the community. Another measure would end the need for citizens to join private clubs so they could purchase alcoholic beverages at local restaurants.

Greenville Citizens for Economic Progress circulated the petitions. They needed to obtain 1,727 valid signatures from registered voters to place the item on the ballot.


assurbanipaul said...

Nothing to do with "Prohibition." It's called local option, where every city has the right to select themselves wet or dry, according to popular vote.

This happens all the time in Texas. No news here.

Rick Lyke said...


Sorry to disagree, but when the "local option" says that a citizen of legal age cannot purchase a legal product and use that item in a safe and responsible manner, then I call that Prohibition.

I don't mind at all if the guy in the next house decides he does not want to drink or bring alcohol into his home. Actually I have friends who fit that category. I don't try to force them to change and none have ever told me that I have to live by those rules.

All "local option" does is cause people who want a beer, a glass of wine or a shot of Bourbon to have to drive a little further and waste energy to buy what is otherwise a legal product in the U.S.

I hope Greenville residents are smart enough to vote an end to Prohibition.


assurbanipaul said...

All true, but your post makes it sound like rural Texas still lives in the 1920s. We have cities in major metro areas that choose to be dry. This is democracy at its most fundamental level, no different than city noise or landscaping ordinances.

This is prohibition with a small "p", not an 80-year holdover from the big "P". "Local option" is just the legal term for the vote. Happens all the time; if you're going to post on every Texas city that does this, you'll be a busy man.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah.....

greenville just needs to be wet.
if a person doesnt want to drink, they wont. so why make people go out of their way to get some beer/wine? i can understand being cnservative, but cmon... lets be a little more practical.

Robertswife said...

It passed. Stores will be stocking shelves as early as next week. No more private clubs and any establishment will be able to sell. I'm really surprised, I really didn't think it would, but I'm assuming the tax payers realized what Greenville could do with the added tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

well that means commcer tx and needlingville will not have the people in greenville go out to them all the time now so they may go out a business or really slow down on their sales ....i am sure this will being more business to greenville wow it maybe a big city after this ....i was born raise in greenville i live in south texas now but i hope greenville goes real well...just hope crime does not go crazy i hear the cops stay real busy as it is....about time the cops earn their money lol...lmao