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Sunday, November 23, 2008

U.K. Looks at Tougher Alcohol Rules

Three years ago rules for British pubs were relaxed to allow 24-hour licenses. Now it appears that those opposed to expanded alcohol sales have been joined by people upset by what they see as an increase in binge drinking to push forward new rules to curb drinking in the United Kingdom.

Media reports suggest that in the next two weeks a tough set of new regulations will be considered that will change some of the drinking culture in the country.

Among the measures that are expected to be part of the government's plan:

-- Elimination of happy hour drink specials.
-- Outlawing free drink promotions for women or those encouraging sports fans to watch games at pubs.
-- Bans on pay-one-price and all-you-can-drink promotions.
-- Curbs on drinking games.

The package of proposals would be considered by local community authorities for enforcement.

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Anonymous said...

The bans that were made by the government is for the benefit of everybody. It can help in reducing crimes involving alcohol.