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Friday, December 19, 2008

Drinks & Taxes 2008 v12: Wisconsin DAs Want Alcohol Tax Hike

How do you solve the problem of overworked district attorneys? According to the Wisconsin District Attorney Association (WDAA) you raise taxes on liquor and beer.

The group says that high case loads and low pay mean that Wisconsin district attorneys don't stay in their jobs for long. The pro-prosecutors group points out that Wisconsin has one of the nation’s lowest alcohol taxes rates and suggests that the 6.5-cent tax on a gallon of beer could easily be raised to 8 cents without anyone even taking notice.

The WDAA says the millions raised by boosting the alcohol tax could be used to hire more than 100 new prosecutors and raise salaries for existing DAs. The group says the new prosecutors could be used to fight drunk driving in the state.

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