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Friday, December 26, 2008

U.K. Brewery Plans Monthly Beer Releases

It's exciting to walk into your favorite pub and see a tap handle you have never encountered. This sense of discovery helped fuel the microbeer movement as consumers looked for the next great beer. What brewers give up in loyalty, they get back in trial.

Most American craft brewers have figured out that seasonal releases mean additional sales, but one British brewer has taken this practice a step further. They plan monthly new beer releases during 2009.

Wye Valley Brewery, a cask ale producer founded in 1985 in Herefordshire, U.K., says it will use local ingredients, including honey and nettles, to turn out the monthly brews.

The brewery plans to use most of the new ales to recognize Hereford icons. One will be named for the Mappa Mundi, the largest known medieval map in the world.

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