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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Britain Now the World's Top Imported Wine Market

A study completed for the Vinexpo trade show indicates that British consumers have a thirst for imported wine, having knocked back 1.6 billion bottles in 2007.

Vineyards are being planted in Britain, but 99.8 percent of all wine consumed in the island nation still comes from imported labels. According to the International Wine and Spirit Record, it is expected that Britain will hold down the top slot for at least five years. Other top wine import markets include Germany, the United States, Russia and the Netherlands.

The top five exporters to Britain are Australia, France, the United States, Italy and Spain. Imports of American wines to the United Kingdom were up 35 percent during the last five years, while French imports were down 18 percent.

British drinkers, who are slowly abandoning the pint of ale, consume 27.2 liters of wine annually, ranking them 13th worldwide.

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