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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Georgia Legislature Considering Sunday Sales

Gov. Sonny Perdue, a teetotaler, may soon be asked to sign a bill that would allow packaged alcohol sales in Georgia.

House Bill 104, which would allow local option for the sale of packaged alcohol on Sundays, is now in the House Committee on Regulated Industries. A vote by the full legislature could happen this session if the bill does not get bottled up in committee. That would mean some local voters might be able to cast ballots for Sunday sales in November.

It's about time Georgia joins the 21st Century. A couple of years ago, while visiting friends in Atlanta, I attempted to buy a six pack of Terrapin Rye Ale at a local grocery store to enjoy while watching the Daytona 500. The clerk whisked the six pack off the counter and placed it underneath, giving me a look as if I had just asked to purchase a nuclear weapon.

If the bill passes I'm sure Gov. Perdue and a few Baptist ministers will warn the good folk of Georgia to keep their women, children and small pets inside on Sundays. The rest of us will just be happy to know we can buy a legal product and enjoy it in a legal manner on one of those few days of rest we are granted.

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Anonymous said...

Next hearing March 4,2009
Senate Bill 16 Sunday Alcohol Sales

Senate Regulated Industries Committee Members Emails:


Please contact and feel free to pass out these email addys to friends to contact them and show your support to senate bill 16