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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drinks & Taxes 2009 v11: Florida

Lawmakers in Florida think they have come up with one solution to help balance a budget with a $6.4 billion deficit: tax beer drinkers.

The bill is still kicking around committee in Tallahassee and no one is brave enough to step forward as a sponsor yet, but those floating the idea have already pointed out the tax on beer in Florida has not been increased since 1993. As soon as someone suggests that it's been a long time since a tax was raised you can expect that is exactly what they have on their minds.

Florida is just one more state looking at beer and other beverages as cash cows. Since alcohol is already heavily taxed it would be more fair to look at other revenue opportunities, but lawmakers would not be able to hide behind the shield of a "sin" tax .

The problem is that most beer drinkers don't consider it a sin to crack open a cold beer after a hard day at work. These people, however, do tend to show up and vote.

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