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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mutineer Magazine Shows Lyke2Drink Some Love

Mutineer Magazine is relatively new on the beverage scene -- just four issues so far -- but the publication is already displaying some good depth and style.

The current issue has a cover story about Jones Soda, along with features on Zane Lamprey, Sierra Nevada Brewing and a spirited barista competition. The photography in the magazine is a cut above the average and the attitude is overall young and hip.

Also in issue number four is a piece called "Beverage 2.0: Beer Blogs" and I'm happy to report Lyke2Drink is one of six blogs profiled. It's nice to be called a "very informative blog" -- especially compared to the other potential alternatives.

Here's hoping that Barnes & Noble and Borders make more room for beer and beverage magazines like Mutineer and stop hiding them on the bottom shelf of the home and gardening section. I truly believe more people drink beer than are into World War II history or professional wrestling, but if you judge it on a trip to one of these book stores you might think otherwise.

1 comment:

Mutineer Magazine said...

Hey thanks for the plug Rick.

We too hope that Mutineer magazine finds a prominent place on the bookshelves. Come tomorrow and Monday we'll see though. Check out your local Barnes & Noble and let us know if you've got copies of Mutineer near you.

Keep up the good work on your blog here!