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Friday, January 01, 2010

Day 1 Drink: Aspall Cuvee Chevallier Double Fermented Cyder

Tired of Champagne already in 2010? You might want to give Aspall Cuvee Chevallier Double Fermented Cyder a try.

Produced by Aspall Cyder House of Suffolk, England, which dates back to 1728, and imported by SBS Imports of Seattle, Washington, Aspall Cuvee Chevallier is a sparkling cider produced from apples higher in acid and lower in sugar content, so it has many of the tart characteristics of classic Champage. There is a slight musty apple note to the nose and the cider has a straw yellow color. Nice crisp finish that will go well with many meals.

Aspall Cuvee Chevallier is sold in cork-finished 750 milliliter champagne-style bottled, so you may be tempted to try to fool your friends. The 11 percent alcohol by volume cider sells for around $16 a bottle.

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Anonymous said...

Trivia: in the 19th century the Chevalliers after whom this cyder (Norfolk spelling) is named introduced what was for a long time one of the most popular malting barleys.