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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 70 Drink: Cherry Pie Martini

Travis Hasse's Original Pie Liqueurs hail from the Missouri Tavern in Madison, Wisc. The location is famous in Wisconsin for its original owner, Mae Mefford, who was the owner and bartender until she reached 101 years old. The Hasse family now runs the place.

Travis Hasse began making Apple Pie Liqueur at home from a recipe he received from his father. The drink was so popular that in 2008 he launched Travis Hasse's Original Apple Pie Liqueur. It is now distributed in 25 states and Canada. In 2009, Cherry Pie Liqueur was launched. The Cherry Pie Liqueur combines maraschino cherries, vanilla and neutral grain spirits in a 15 percent alcohol by volume liqueur.

The Cherry Pie Martini is three parts Travis Hasse's Original Cherry Pie Liqueur and one part vodka. The color is a translucent candy apple red. The flavor of the cocktail has a upfront tartness with the sweetness of maraschino cherries spilling through. If you would like a liquid dessert, this martini is a good place to start.

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