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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 170 Drink: Founders Cask Conditioned Red's Rye Pale Ale

Founders Brewing's website says the brewery's philosophy is simple: "We are not the standard micro-brewery, rather we have traveled a path that breaks from the “standard” craft-brewer."

Founders Cask Condition Red's Rye Pale Ale was enjoyed at Mac's Speed Shop Barbecue in the Steele Creek section of Charlotte at a Pints for Prostates event. The 6.6 percent alcohol by volume brew is a health 70 IBU.

Founders Cask Conditioned Red's Rye Pale Ale has a nice floral citrus nose, a cloudy orange color and a proud head that lingers. The beer has a ton of great flavors. There is a nice spice from the rye and a ton of grapefruit notes from a healthy amount of Amarillo added during dry hopping.

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