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Friday, June 11, 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup? Only One Thing is Certain: There Will Be Beer

The nerves of players from 32 countries are a bit on edge today as the world's biggest sports tournament gets underway in South Africa. Brewers are also experiencing pre-tournament jitters as they brace for a crush of thristy World Cup soccer fans.

South African brewers say they plan to launch a "military operation" to make sure beer fans won't go thirsty. Estimates are that locals and supporters in the country for the World Cup will consume 17 million pints of beer above and beyond what would normally be tossed back in South Africa.

To meet the challenge, South African Breweries says it will use a fleet of refrigerated beer trucks stationed at key areas in major cities so they can be immediately dispatched to bars and stores running low under a wave of celebrating fans.

Which team will win the World Cup? Does the drink in your hand offer any hints? Check out this post for the fearless Lyke2Drink World Cup prediction.

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