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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Day 185 Drink: Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Rogue Ales original brewpub opened in October 1988 in Ashland, Ore. The company has brewpubs located from Issaquah, Washington, to San Francisco, Calif., with a hop farm, barley farm and a bed and breakfast thrown in along the way.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale is actually modeled after a German-style maibock, but uses Rogue's Pac-Man ale yeast.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale pours a glowing amber color with a thick rocky head. The aroma has a firm malt base with some spice coming through. The flavor is smooth and rich. The malt gives the flavor a nice richness, but the Perle and Saaz hops come through clearly in this 40 IBU beer.

1 comment:

frames said...

i just had a rogue Dead guy on tap in NH and it tasted more like Magic Hat #9 with a sweet fruity background and no bitterness whatsoever Could it be they had their taps hooked up wrong (although they swore they didn't even sell MH9)? I'm thinking either the keg was labeled wrong or there is something else malicious going on.