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Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 242 Drink: De Koninck Speciale

Joseph Henricus De Koninck bought a coach house near Antwerp in 1827. On the site was a stone boundary marker with a sculptured hand. De Koninck died young and his widow, Elisabeth Cop remarried in 1833. Her second husband, Johannes Vervliet, decided to convert the coach house into a brewery and named it “Brouwerij De Hand."

In 1845, Carolus De Koninck, the eldest son from Elisabeth’s first marriage, took over the business. In 1912 the Brouwerij De Hand was renamed the Brasserie Charles De Koninck.

De Koninck Speciale is a 5 percent alcohol by volume ale that pours a cloudy orange amber color with a thin white head. If you enjoy Belgian abbey beers, but want something a little more sessionable from an alcohol standpoint, this is a good selection. The flavor opens with the malt upfront, offering a sweetbread note that evolves with plenty of crisp apple and fruits. Interesting, but not too heavy and pretty drinkable.

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