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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

University of Georgia is the Top Party School for 2011

According to the Princeton Review, the University of Georgia is the national champs when it comes to partying.

The Princeton Review Top Party School ranking gets a ton of publicity each year when it is released. School administrators try to play down the "honor," which is based on surveys completed by more than 122,000 students attending one of the 373 schools covered in the guide.

The list of Top Party Schools is remarkably consistent from year to year. The 2010 Top Party School, Penn State, dropped to number 3 this year; Florida, ranked number 1in 2009 is now 7; and West Virginia, the Top Party School in 2008, comes in at number 4 this year.

Princeton Review Top Party Schools of 2011

1. Georgia
2. Ohio University
3. Penn State
4. West Virginia
5. Mississippi
6. Texas
7. Florida
8. UC Santa Barbara
9. Iowa
10. DePauw
11. Florida State
12. Wisconsin
13. Alabama
14. Sewanee
15. Indiana
16. Colorado
17. Missouri
18. Illinois
19. Maryland
20. Michigan State.

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