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Monday, November 06, 2006

Buckeye Ban on Bottles as Clash with Wolverines Approaches

The Ohio State Buckeyes are 10-0 and ranked on top of the Bowl Championship Series standings, but residents looking to celebrate with a cold Miller High Life or Coors Light near campus will have to settle for beer in cans.

Three United Dairy Farmers convenience stores near the Ohio State campus have agreed to stop selling domestic beer in glass bottles through the end of the school year at the request of Ohio State officials. You can still get imports in bottles, since the school does not feel students tend to buy the more expensive brew. The school is concerned about past incidents of students throwing glass bottles at police and complaints from neighbors near campus about broken glass.

Ohio State faces Northwestern this week and rival Michigan Wolverines on Nov. 18. Michigan is currently ranked second in the BCS standings and that game will likely determine one of the teams that plays in the national championship game in January.

The University is talking to other retailers and bars near campus about serving alcohol in cans and plastic bottles or using plastic cups.

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Mr. Fumbles said...

This game could possibly be the best NCAA football match-up this season. Think of it this way; WR- Minningham(M) vs. Ginn (OSU), the nations most dangerous players when it comes to catching a football. Then you got Troy Smith and Chad Henne. Mike Hart will have a say somewhere, sometime. For the Wolverines this game means everything, and if your Ohio State this game means everything when trying to preserve the National Title.