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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Looking for Low Cost Holiday Party Wine? AOL Offers Five Picks

If you have ever been faced with managing an office holiday celebration or finding some affordable gifts for a bunch of people, you know the challenge when it comes to selecting a wine. You don't want to see people react to bottles of Sutter Home, but you also have to live within a budget.

Finding a good wine under $20 a bottle is not that difficult. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, can be found on the market. But what if the challenge is to find something under $10? The international wine glut is pushing prices downward, but my experience with sub $10 a bottle wine is that you better have tasted it before you decide it is good enough for guests and friends. I don't mind if someone knows I bought a bargain wine, as long as they think that I'm a pretty good shopper and came up with a great value that tastes pretty good, too.

The folks at AOL recently took on the challenge of recommending five wines under $6. They offered up Trader Joe's Coastal Cabernet Sauvignon, Amaicha Torrontes, Banrock Station Shiraz, Barefoot California Merlot and Barefoot Chardonnay. You can see information on each of the AOL picks at http://cooking.aol.com/food/best-cheap-wines.

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