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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Something to Wash Down All of that Meat

On Friday night I was in Chicago with my daughter, Brhea, and her boyfriend Jake Koneman. We went to Brazzaz, a Brazilain steakhouse located on North Dearborn Street not far from the Grand stop on the Red Line, for dinner figuring two "starving" college students would enjoy the feast. We were impressed with the service, upscale salad bar and the array of eat-until-you-drop meats. The lamb chops, pork tenderloin and sirloin were big hits.

If you have never done a Brazilian steakhouse, basically the concept is that gouchos roam the restaurant with skewers of meat. You are given a puck that has "yes" on one side and "no thanks" on the other. If the yes side is facing up, the servers will stop and offer you slices of meat that has just emerged from the kitchen. The range on the night we were there went from shrimp and chicken to lamb and beef.

With all of the meat flying around you might suspect I would have went for a red wine, which many of the tables around us were enjoying. The list looked pretty good, but I decided to opt for two South American lagers that I had not previously tasted.

The Palma Louca pilsner from Brazil was a light golden color with a crisp hop finish. Quilmes Cerveza from Argentina was a pale lager that offered a clean finish. Both beers did an excellent job cleansing my palate for the next slice of meat. They would be perfect for the beach or a ballgame, but if you are looking for tons of flavor these are not the first beers you would pick. However, on this particular night in Chicago they were just what the butcher ordered.

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