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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crushpad is a Launching Pad for Wannabe Wineries

Anyone who likes wine and has ever visited a winery has thought to themselves, "I'd love to do this for a living." There is a company in San Francisco that is helping dreamers with cash go from the idea to reality, without the hassle of planting vines, harvesting grapes or bothering with building an actual winery.

Crushpad, which calls itself "the urban winery that is democratizing winemaking," is holding a wine branding and sales workshop on April 21st for more than 50 clients who are set to launch wine labels.

Crushpad has a new 30,000 square foot winery in San Francisco that can handle production runs starting as small as 50 cases. Crushpad has more than 2,000 clients that range from wine enthusiasts who want their own label to impress friends to wine bars looking to create a signature offering.

While private labeling has been around in the wine business for years, the difference in this case is that Crushpad works with wannabe winemakers to create small-lot custom wines from grapes the company sources. The interesting thing will be to look back in 10 years to see if any of the 50 new brands represented at the workshop breaks through commercially and forges ahead to build its own winery.

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