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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nova Scotia Doctor Recommends Happy Hour Vaccinations to Cut Spread of Mumps

During the last five months more than 450 people in Nova Scotia have contracted mumps in an epidemic that has health officials in the Canadian province concerned about the vaccination rates, especially among young adults.

Dr. Noni MacDonald, an infectious disease specialist and former dean of medicine at Dalhousie University in Halifax, has proposed a novel solution: offer vaccinations to young people at bars. The "shot" and a beer approach would be one way to reach a group in the population that is likely to be susceptible to spreading mumps and other deceases and also may not have up to date vaccinations. Dr. MacDonald has gone as far to suggest special happy hours with reduced drink prices for people who have their measles, mumps, rubella immunizations updated. Her comments were carried in the Canadian Medical Association Journal and in Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reports.

Nova Scotia health officials have agreed that new approaches are necessary to reach young people. It is not clear if they plan to set up immunization clinics in bars any time soon.

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