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Monday, August 20, 2007

Beer Festival Saves Lives: Real Ale Fans Raise Funds for Rescue Lifeboat

Beer festivals can be fun places to relax, have some laughs and consume great beer. In the United Kingdom one festival actually helps save lives.

The Petersborough Beer Festival raises funds to buy rescue lifeboats. At the most recent festival $238,000 was donated to help fund the lifeboat Peterborough Beer Festival III, which was dedicated at the event. Yup, it is the third such life saving boat paid for by proceeds from the CAMRA event. They have been fundraising for this cause for years at the festival.

The Royal National Lifeboat Association accepted the vessel, which is an Atlantic Class lifeboat. It will be used around the country while other boats are being repaired. The Rev. Charles Taylor conducted a service to bless the boat.

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