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Monday, August 20, 2007

Not Quite the Brew Zoo We're Looking For at The Session #7

Anyone who has spent time at a beer festival will tell you that they can be hazardous, but in Serbia they can be down right life threatening. From Belgrade comes the grizzly story of a 23-year-old Serb who either fell or climbed into a bear cage at the local zoo after attending an annual beer fest.

The bears do what bears do when a human enters what little space they have to call their own. Oddly, nearby the half consumed naked body was the man's clothes lying intact inside the cage. Adding to the web investigators must untangle is the fact that also in the cage were several cellular phones, bricks, stones and beer cans.

"There's a good chance he was drunk or drugged. Only an idiot would jump into the bear cage," Belgrade Zoo Director Vuk Bojovic is quoted as having told Reuters. I've never met Mr. Bojovic so it's hard for me to judge his IQ, but I'd say there is a good chance he is right about this one.

Note to my fellow beer bloggers: If you plan to take part in The Session #7: Brew Zoo, please confine your research to your local beer bar or living room. We want a menagerie where no humans are harmed in the production of the blog.

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