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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Craft Brewers to Hand Out Samples at New York State Fair

Growing up in the Syracuse area one of the highlights of the end of summer was the New York State Fair, which opens today. The Fair provided a bridge from summer vacation to the start of school, and was the place that you could go to see everything from the world's largest pig to big name country and rock musical acts. Now you can add craft beer to the line up.

The New York State Brewer’s Association has a booth at the New York State Fair. The group wants to showcase the 59 breweries in the state and educate the public on the economic importance of brewing. The booth is in the Fair's Horticulture Building and will explain the brewing process. In addition to information from breweries, the Madison County Hops Alliance will also have an exhibit.

The New York State Fair Commercial Brewing Competition winners will be displayed and free 2-ounce samples of beer will be given to adults. The samples will be available from 4-6 p.m. and come from a different award winning brewery each day. That sure beats lining up for a baked potato.

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GenX at 40 said...

Excellent! I hope to make it on the Labour Day weekend and this will make for a perfect-er excuse than just the Dino BBQ and a glimpse at the butter sculpture.

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