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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Session #7: Brew Zoo Reminder

Beer Blogging Friday, The Session #7 is just two weeks away. Mark your calendar for Sept. 7th and join the beer blogging fun.

Remember, our topic for September is The Brew Zoo, featuring beers with animal themes. I ran across a bottle of Bell's Consecrator Dopplebock from Kalamazoo Brewing this evening. It's a beer with two goats' heads on the label, leading me to question whether the beer has to have a critter in its brand name or just the likeness of one on the bottle? The bock style complicates matters, since bock is German for billy goat.

I'm going to stick to beers with animals in either their brewery or brand name, but I'll leave it up to the rest of my fellow bloggers to judge for themselves!


Stan Hieronymus said...

One word: Celebrator.

OK a second: Ayinger.

Rick Lyke said...


OK. Those are two of my favorite words. Do I assume that means you have some goats in the fridge?


Stan Hieronymus said...

We live pretty hand to mouth here on the goats - fortunately the closest grocery to our house has Celebrator.

And I'm sure going to try to make my September post a New Mexico beer. Still trying to figure out why nobody has made Roadrunner Ale . . .

Beep. Beep.