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Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Session #9: Beer and Music – The Message in a Bottle

Welcome to the ninth edition of Beer Blogging Friday. This edition of The Session is being hosted by Tomme Arthur at Brewer’s Log and focuses on the relationship between music and beer. Beer and Music – The Message in a Bottle is a topic should prove to generate quite a response.

One of the most popular of all entries on my blog was an entry from August 2006, Sitting on a Bar Stool: The Greatest Drinking Songs of All-Time which covered songs about beer, wines and spirits, plus general drinking songs. Music and drinking kind of just go together. I think it has much to do with the fact that both are leisure activities and help us escape for the daily grind. In both cases they can reconnect us to a place and time, link us to our heritage and give us a reason to smile.

That’s why my contribution to this edition of The Session is a ranking of what I consider to be the Top 10 beer drinking songs of all-time, along with a pairing of the beer that goes with the tune.

1. In Heaven There is No Beer – Polkaholics (Zywiec Lager)
2. Beer for My Horses -- Toby Keith & Willie Nelson (Shiner Bock)
3. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood (Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale)
4. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight – Hank Williams Jr. (Arcadia Cereal Killer Barleywine)
5. Beer in Mexico – Kenny Chesney (Tecate Lager)
6. There’s a Tear in My Beer – Hank Williams Sr. (Edmund Fitzgerald Porter)
7. Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer -- Hank Thompson (Pabst Blue Ribbon)
8. I Like Beer – Tom T. Hall (Rock Bottom Brown Bear Brown)
9. Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash (Avery The Reverend)
10. Saturday Night’s Alright – Elton John (Young’s Ram Rod)


Anonymous said...

how about I love this bar by Toby Keith, or even Its 5 o'clock somewhere by Alan Jackson. These are both great drinking songs

Dave said...

or Pianoman by Billy Joel?
Cliche? Of course it is. But that's why it deserves to be called one of the best drinking songs ever!

Rick Lyke said...

Guys, these songs all make my top "Drinking Songs." This list is the top 10 Beer Drinking Songs. Just a slight difference and you could argue the point, that's what makes this so fun!