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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Napa Valley College Graduates Vintage

Napa Valley College has harvested grapes from its vineyard since 1987. Now students in the school's Viticulture and Winery Technology program have the federal and state licenses required to bottle and sell wine.

Napa Valley College 2008 Chardonnay will be the first wine from the school when it hits shelves sometime in early 2010. Up to this point the school has sold the grapes from its vineyards to commercial wineries in the region.

The school is developing a marketing plan for the winery and students in the art program are working on potential label designs. Profits from the sale will go back into the winery program.

In addition to chardonnay, the winery plans to produce sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, Syrah and cabernet sauvignon.

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