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Saturday, September 27, 2008

DRAFT Dinner Series Offers GABF Attendees a Saturday Night Option

Veterans of previous Great American Beer Festivals will tell you that if they were going to skip one of the four sessions it would be the Saturday night finale.

Why? By that point festival fatigue has set in and most people have tired palates and tired legs. The idea of nearly 2,000 great beers in one place has started to lose its allure, especially when you consider that supplies of many of the great ones have been drained. Then there is the Saturday night crowd, which from my experience has been pre-gaming for a good part of the day and tends to be younger, less beer savvy and more in the mood to find a good looking member of the opposite sex than an interesting porter. DRAFT magazine has solved the problem.

In the mood of full disclosure, DRAFT magazine is one of the magazines that I write for and they are also providing space this year in their GABF booth for a Pints for Prostates table. That said, the DRAFT Beer Dinner Series in Denver during the GABF is a great idea.

The DRAFT GABF Dinners range in price from $50-$80. All happen on Oct. 11, four of them in Denver and one in nearby Boulder. Each features the cuisine of a good restaurant and the beers from an iconic American brewer. The multi-course meals each pair food and beer. With tickets to the GABF now officially sold out, this is an excellent alternative to paying scalpers for the Saturday night session.

Here is an overview of the DRAFT GABF Dinners. You can get complete menus and order tickets at DRAFT's website:

DRAFT and Flying Dog Brewery
at Braun's Bar and Grill
$50 Per Person

DRAFT and Left Hand Brewing Company/Terrapin Beer Company Dinner
at The Kitchen in Boulder
$80 Per Person

DRAFT and New Belgium Dinner
at 1515 Restaurant
$65 Per Person

DRAFT and Samuel Adams Dinner
at Rioja
$80 Per Person

DRAFT and Sierra Nevada Dinner
at Via
$75 Per Person

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