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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Drinks & Taxes 2008 v13: New York Governor's Budget Pushes Big Beer Tax Hike

New York Gov. David Patterson has rolled out a new $121 billion state spending plan and it includes 137 new taxes and fees for Empire State residents and visitors.

As you can imagine, Gov. Patterson decided that beer drinkers should not be immune to this orgy of revenue enhancements. The plan calls for the tax on beer levied by the state to more than double, increasing by 24 cents a gallon.

Thinking of switching from beer to soda? Don't bother. The proposal contains a new 18 percent on sugary carbonated beverages, which the state claims is designed to cover the health care cost for obesity. Can a tax on the Buffalo chicken wing be far behind?


Anonymous said...

When does the madness stop hehe. Taxes everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I drink cause Im broke and now Ill be broke because I drink.