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Monday, May 03, 2010

Day 123 Drink: Wunderburgen Bier Schnapps

Mahr's Brau has been making beer in Bamberg, Germany, since 1602 and the Michel family has run the place since 1895. We had the chance to visit Mahr's Brau back in 2008 and had a delightful lunch, along with a sampling of a range of their beers. If you are lucky enough to get to Franconia, this is a must stop brewery.

In addition to making great beer, the brewery also distills a classic beer schnapps. Wunderburgen Bier Schnapps is named for the Bamberg neighborhood where Mahr's is located. The crystal clear drink is meant to be served warm and is 84 proof. The aroma is slightly reminiscent of Tequila and the flavor offers a wonderful spice quality that lingers and grows.

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