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Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 200 Drink: Pinkus Muller Organic Hefe-Weizen

Pinkus-Muller Brewery started producing beer in Munster, Germany, in 1816. Today, the fifth and sixth generation of the Muller family operate the Pinkus-Muller Pub Brewery. Pinkus-Muller Brewery is certified organic by USDA.

Pinkus Muller Organic Hefe-Weizen is an unfiltered brew that pours a light hazy golden color with a persistent fluffy head. Inviting citrus aroma that leads to a flavor profile that has lemon, spice and a bit of banana in the finish. Light and refreshing.

1 comment:

Toronto Movers said...

MMMM Germany makes some of the coolest beers around. The citruisy beers are my personal favorite.