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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pints with Presidents

Which leader of the free world would you like to hoist a pint with at your local pub?

President’s Day is Monday, Feb. 20. TapHunter.com and Pintley.com surveyed more than 3,000 U.S. craft beer drinkers asking them “Which American President would you most like to share a beer with?”  

The results were:

1. Bill Clinton (22.4%)
2. Barack Obama (15.5%)
3. Abraham Lincoln (14.9%)
4. George Washington (14.5%)
5. John Kennedy (10.2%)
6. Ronald Regan (7.7%)
7. George W. Bush (3.6%)

Missing from the list are two presidents that knew a thing or two about beer: Thomas Jefferson, who brewed at Monticello, and Franklin Roosevelt, who lifted the tyranny of Prohibition. Jimmy Carter, who signed the bill that exempted homebrewed beer from excise tax, is also missing from the list.

Oddly, George W. Bush makes this list even though he is said to have stopped drinking long before entering the White House. Abraham Lincoln might also raise some eyebrows, since he implemented the first tax on beer to help fund the Civil War.

1 comment:

lb2gfs said...

Bill would be great if he told some of his sexapades and Reagan well he is down right cool anyway.