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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 346 Drink: Saranac 2010 Season's Best

Back in the 1980s Saranac Season's Best was one of the few true holiday beers that you could buy in my hometown of Syracuse, N.Y.

I am sure I was violating a few laws about shipping alcohol, but it was all in the name of research. Saranac Season's Best became my trade bait with brewers on the west coast to get a taste of some of the Christmas beers I had only heard about. It was not a cheap way to get a six pack, but trading was the only way to get these beers in the days before craft beers became readily available.

Saranac 2010 Season's Best is a nut brown lager that weighs in at 5.3 percent alcohol by volume. The beer is a mahogany color with a moderate head that laces the glass. There is a mellow malty aroma to the beer. The body of this beer is not too heavy, yet the flavor has a caramel and biscuity base, with just a touch of roasted grain.

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