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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 347 Drink: Benedictine Liqueur

Benedictine Liqueur was created in 1510 by the Venetian monk Dom Bernardo Vincelli in the Abbey of Fécamp in France. The liqueur is made from 27 plants and spices and only three people are allowed to know the recipe to the drink at any one time.

The liqueur is celebrating its 500th anniversary with special packaging, but the liquid inside is the classic. It is distilled in four batches, two of which have vanilla and lemon peel added for flavor. After aging separately, the batches are combined and then aged for another eight months. Then saffron, Cognac, honey and caramel are added before an additional four months of aging.

Benedictine Liqueur has a sweet, warming layered flavor. You can certainly taste the honey and there is a mild lingering herbal character. Benedictine can be used in several classic cocktails and it is also great for sipping after dinner.

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